At DRx we understand that beauty is an everyday consideration. It is Our Mission to offer clients the opportunity to experience ‘everyday’ as their best day.

We are committed to dedication, results and excellence, and provide our customers the highest level of care and safety. These tenets form the cornerstone of our organization and have established our identity for over 15 years.

When you feel beautiful, you feel good – and DRx has become a perfect expression of this concept. It is a strong investment in this philosophy which separates DRx from others and has formed long-lasting, trusted relationships with our customers.


Established in 1999, The DRx Clinic is one of the pioneers in offering a range of non-surgical aesthetic services for the face and neck.

We have, and continue to our customers with their best interest at heart, ensuring that our treatments are safe and effective; always in line with our vision to: Making Life More Beautiful

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